About Northshore

Mission Statement

Northshore Insurance Managers aims to deliver the fastest and most professional work for all of our stakeholders: producers, carrier partners, and insureds. We recognize each of your applicants and insureds as businesses built by people, supporting livelihoods, contributing to our economy and society, and we are honored to offer them the coverage they need at a price they can afford. To this end, we take pride in building strong relationships, both personal and professional, in order to provide services catered towards the needs of each individual and company. Our objective is to provide the highest quality service for your business, renewing your accounts year after year.


The mom and pop shop. The family restaurant. The superior craftsman. The entrepreneur manufacturer. As an underwriting manager, Northshore Insurance Managers seeks to write the premier business owner who cares about the well-being of his or her staff and customers. Because we stand by our risk selection, we assume a percentage of risk on the majority of the business we write. In turn, our clients can rely on market and rate consistency at each renewal based on their own good business stewardship.


Northshore Insurance Managers was founded in January 2013 in order to continue and grow the Workers’ Compensation programs previously underwritten by Axiom Insurance Managers prior to its sale to Houston International Insurance Group. Since 2009, our Workers’ Compensation programs have grown several-fold – from initially covering hospitality and entertainment risks, to today when we serve a diverse range of classes with monoline coverage options. Our program carriers and binding authorities allow us to write nationwide, though products and eligibility may vary by state. For more information, contact us today!